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Auxiliary Outreach Program Pages 2024-2025

 Auxiliary Outreach Guide


Auxiliary Outreach Promotions  2024-2025

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NATIONAL PROGRAM AWARDS                                         


 Awards for Auxiliaries

1. Most outstanding photo collage created by the VFW Auxiliary of their VFW Auxiliary Outreach partnerships during the current Program Year.

  Citation and $25 to one VFW Auxiliary in each of the 10 Program Divisions that creates the most outstanding photo collage of their VFW Auxiliary partnerships during the current Program Year.

Entry form required and available in MALTA Member Resources. VFW Auxiliaries must send the required entry form to their Department Auxiliary Outreach Chairman by March 31, 2025 for judging. The Department Auxiliary Outreach Chairman must sign and send a copy of the completed Department-winning entry form to the National Auxiliary Outreach Ambassador by April 30,2025 for judging.

 Citations will be mailed directly to the winning VFW Auxiliaries from National Headquarters and money will be deposited into the winning VFW Auxiliary account after the 2025 VFW Auxiliary National Convention.